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Military Burial Flag Presentation


Vendor: OO
Type: Military Burial Flag Presentation

Military Burial Flag Presentation

  •  American Flag Display Case crafted from solid wood. Please make sure your flag is 3′ X 5′ Flag , (NOT for Burial or Funeral size Flag). Dimensions: 20″H X 15.75″W X 3.25″D. Interior:: Flag Display area: 13″W X 6.5″H. Base to top, sides: 9″. Interior of shadow box is 11.1″H X 12.4″W.
  •  Solid wood, Felt interior Background
  •  Holds 3′ X 5′ Flag folded only. Please confirm the size of your flag before buying.
  •  Bottom is shadow box for medals and insignia
  •  Great as memory shadow box as well

Military Burial Flag Presentation

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