Sanitary Napkins

Honest Organic Tampons

Honest Organic Tampons

Vendor: honest organic tampons
Type: honest organic tampons

Honest Organic Tampons


Innovation, meet organic cotton – we’re in this together! Our hypoallergenic tampon is designed to gently expands width-wise for a more natural, comfortable fit and enhanced leakage protection. It’s made with 100% GOTS certified organic cotton and offers a plant-derived plastic compact applicator.

About the product

  • Made with super absorbent, breathable 100% organic cotton
  • Comfort-fit tampon gently expands width-wise for a more natural fit and enhanced leakage protection
  • Made without phthalates, the innovative compact plastic tampon applicator is made from a plant-derived polymer
  • 8 specialized grooves regulate even expansion and improve absorption
  • Smooth and flexible compact applicator for comfortable insertion


Honest Organic Tampons

from American Womans View
via Honest Organic Tampons


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